Driftwood Pool House

The Driftwood Pool House, which was originally solid stone modules, was built in 2004. In under eight weeks, the Escobedo Group fully designed, fabricated, and built the pool house, patio, and pool. The Quonset hut roofline and outdoor kitchen were added later in 2017. The pool house curved canopy and roofline seamlessly mimic the rolling hills west of Austin and the estate’s landscape. The custom grill and water feature, complete with a playful saying rendered in Morse code, was designed and fabricated by Escobedo’s own metal division.

The pool house structure sits elevated on a concrete slab to accommodate for grade and hide mechanical pool equipment. The walls are comprised of three sizes of solid limestone blocks weighing 150, 300, and 450 pounds each, and were set into place by hand. An architectural concrete tension ring was poured at the top of the stone walls to lock the pool house into place, and to create a clerestory glazing between the stones and the Quonset hut roof.

Performed the following specialty work:
Excavation | Structural and Architectural Concrete | Concrete Floors | Load Bearing Masonry | Cabinetry and Millwork | Wood Ceiling | Steel Door | Wood, Carbon Fiber and Aluminum Dining Table | Stainless-Steel and Glass Shelving System | Architectural Steel | Argentinian Grill | Paint Finishes