Our Process

Our unique team works in close collaboration with architects, designers, and our clients throughout the entirety of a project. This holistic approach to design and construction not only creates better projects, but it is uniquely tailored to streamline the process and ensures every project meets the Escobedo Group’s standard for quality.

Escobedo Group’s process utilizes not only standard design practices, but also advanced BIM software and other unique tools to enhance the visual communication that proves so vital in the early stages of a project.

Everyone who gets involved in the project should elevate it. And no one has done that better than Escobedo Group.”
Ryan Street
Architect | Ryan Street & Associates

As leaders in our industry, we also have integrated the most advanced machines in the world, allowing our talented craftsmen to wield cutting-edge technology to bring their craft to the next level. These advanced machines offer breathtaking precision, unparalleled accuracy, and the most robust capabilities in the industry.


Our 60,000 sq ft facility is located on 11 acres just south of Austin, Texas, and is designed to provide our clients with in-house capabilities in stone, millwork, and metals. It is the seamless integration of these disciplines that elevate our product to a superior level of quality and consistency.

David has surrounded himself with some very talented individuals. Architects. Builders. Craftsmen. And he has them at his disposal to say, ‘What would you do? How can we get this done?” And if anyone can figure it out, it’ll be the Escobedo Group.”
Jerry Garcia
Engineer | Structures