metal steel water jet hose beds


We've been providing unparalleled fabrication quality in Central Texas for decades.  Some of our most notable architectural and construction details have been fabricated in-house, and now we bring the opportunity for you to provide that same level of quality for your work.  

With the newest CNC to join our collection of innovative technology, and in addition to our own projects, we now offer a
10'x20'-bed water jet cutting to the public. We focus on quick turnaround to get you what you need when you need it.  We can work directly from your CAD files, drawings or sketches. 

With the same commitment to quality inherent in all ESCOBEDO services, we now offer water jet services for:
•  Architectural             •  Aerospace
•  Automotive               •  Medical
•  Military/Defense       •  Custom Tooling
•  Custom Signage