Our History

Our passion for quality and craftsmanship has been the cornerstone of Escobedo Group’s success and has allowed us to offer clients, contractors, architects, and interior designers the design freedom and construction ease required to create projects and homes that will live on for generations to come.

This cornerstone passion was passed down to David Escobedo by his father, Dario, whose dedication to superior construction afforded him a reputation as a craftsman and made the Escobedo name synonymous with quality.

Like his father, David’s early success came from hard work, integrity, and his focus on a time-honored craft. By 1987, David was beginning to display mastery in each part of the construction process—concrete, stonework, steelwork, and millwork. This allowed the Escobedo Group team to grow as David not only brought on experienced artisans in each of these fields but also, innovative engineers.

It wasn’t long before David and Escobedo Group had been proven as a pioneer in luxury construction, showcasing with each new project our team’s impassioned and unparalleled capabilities.

As we continue to lead the industry, providing new and innovative construction solutions, it’s the passion passed down to David from his father that ensures we remain founded on a simple belief—that the quality of everything we build comes from the talent and dedication of those who build it.