Forever Bicycles

ARTist: Ai WeiWei
Waller Creek at lady bird lake (Austin, TX)

We have had the honor of installing two of Ai Wei Wei's sculptures in Austin.  For this piece, made up of 1,200 bicycles, we poured the sculpture's burnished concrete pad and methodically set the bicycles in place in a 5-day period with a crane.

Iron Tree Trunk

ARTist: Ai WeiWei
Laguna Gloria (Austin, TX)

This piece is a 15-foot reproduction of a dead tree trunk that we installed to be on permanent display at Laguna Gloria.  

Armadillo Vault (La Biennale di Venezia– Architettura)

design team: David Escobedo, Philippe Block (ETH- Zurich), John Ochsendorf (m.I.T.), Matthew deJong (Cambridge)
Corderie dell' Arsenale (Venice, Italy)

We co-designed this vault made of 399 limestone pieces, as well as fabricated every unique stone on our OMAG 5-axis CNC at our facility in Buda, TX, transported them to Italy and erected them for a 6-month exhibit in the 2016 La Biennale.  We were among 82 invitees to participate in the prestigious exhibition; Alejandro Aravena was the exhibition moderator.  

This vault stands in complete compression; no mortar or fasteners holding her together, only gravity and the weight of the stone pieces creating a solid structure much like the stone vaults of centuries past.  You can see the Armadillo Vault in her entirety here.

'to see if time was there'

Artist: Anya Gallaccio

We were commissioned to program, create construction drawings, fabricate and install the tree stump concept, as well as cutting, artistic placement and installation of the stone tiles atop the limestone tree trunk due to our technical design capabilities and our ability to cut the intricate patterning the artist created for her piece.

Chanel Purse

Artist: Barbara Ségal
Hotel ella (AUSTIN, Tx)

We were commissioned to program, fabricate and install one of Barbara Ségal's famous public art purses.  It was an honor to work with her in-house at our facility as she put the final touches on the marble sculpture once our OMAG cut the intricate details of the Chanel purse. 

Looking Up (Silver Man)

Artist: Tom friedman

Our skilled craftsmen installed Tom Friedman's silver man Looking Up onto the grounds of Laguna Gloria.  Considering that Friedman is known for depicting things commonly referred to as uneventful into things extraordinary, we were the perfect fit to install this sculpture with the finesse and precision for which we are known. 

Hermann Park Benches– Seed, Trees, People

Artist: Randy twaddle
Hermann park (houstoN, Tx)

We were commissioned to program, fabricate and install the the three curvilinear benches on the plaza of Herman Park in Houston which showcases the "Seed, Trees, People" exhibit.  

With Liberty and Justice For All

Artist: Jim Hodges
the Contemporary Austin- Jones Center (AUSTIN, Tx)

We installed Jim Hodges' seven-foot-tall letters that wrap two sides of the Jones Center; his work indicating our country's original formation upon a credo of equality and inclusiveness.  His message boldly expressed via rotating LED hues of color in the night, and mirrored in fixed colors during the daytime.   

Old Parkland Cartouche

Artist: Kevin Austin (Austin Studio)
Old parkland (dallas, Tx)

In our customary fashion, we were part of a team effort of new technology meeting human craftsmanship for this cartouche.  
We were commissioned to program, create construction drawings and fabricate the stone cartouche to be placed over the gateway pavilion for Old Parkland in Dallas. We carved the stone with our 5-axis OMAG CNC, and the artist, Kevin Austin, finished the stone's intricate design details by hand.

Cornelius Never Forget | 9/11 Monument

Artist: Metal lab's joe meppelink
(Cornelius, North Carolina)

We fabricated the stone sections that make up two stone columns representing the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in Cornelius, North Carolina.  Our 5-axis OMAG CNC cut out the limestone blocks, as well as the "Never Forget" in 44 languages into the limestone.

Oak Hill 911 Memorial

Artist: Escobedo Group
Oak hill fire department (AUSTIN, Tx)

We constructed a 911 memorial from a 50-inch piece of steel from the former World Trade Center that was gifted to the Oak Hill Fire Department.  We fabricated two stone columns, nodding to the Twin Towers, that were couched between a limestone wall entailing carving that read "We Will Never Forget."
Chief J.J. Wittig expressed during the unveiling of the memorial, "The 9/11 memorial was built by Escobedo Construction. This entire project was erected and constructed within about a two-week timeframe.  It’s just amazing to us."

Umlauf Sculpture Garden Sign

ARTIST: david Escobedo & Mike reese
umlauf sculpture garden (AUSTIN, TX)

We fabricated and installed the large stone signage at the entrance of the Umlauf Sculpture Garden.  The UMLAUF letters were designed by Mike Reese.  We donated our efforts to the Umlauf in honor of their 15th year anniversary. 

ABIA Topographical Map 

Artist/designer: Page/
Austin Bergstrom International airport (AUSTIN, Tx)

Our 5-axis CNC fabricated the stone panels that make up a topographical map of Austin and the surrounding Hill Country, as well as fabricated the steel framing for the two private security screening structures.